Inspired Movement - Online 30 Day Access

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Inspired Movement - Online 30 Day Access

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Happy vibes | Inclusive | Fun movement

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Online access 30 days

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Everyone | All ages

One Month Access to Inspired Movement Online

Get ready to groove and move with our super funky online movement program! Picture this: short meditations, yoga that’ll make you go “wowza,” targeted movement that hits all the right spots and active movement that’s like a dance party for your body!

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got options for Yoga from the comfort of your favourite chair because we believe everyone should have a front row seat to feeling awesome.

And guess what? We are not just here for the physical vibes. Our approach is all about mindfulness, embracing everyone’s unique groove. We’ve got the lingo that’s not just respectful but downright fabulous for participants with disabilities, mental health heroes, or anyone who dances to their own rhythm!

Did we mention it’s an online subscription? Cancel anytime, because we believe in freedom and flexibility (this cancellation option is only available for the monthly option)!

Join the movement party and let’s make wellness the coolest thing ever!

What’s Included:

Get ready for an exhilarating journey with our Inspired Movement Online subscription!

Dynamic Meditations: Short and impactful for a centred start.

Yoga Extravaganza: Various styles, including chair yoga for ultimate comfort.

Targeted Movement: Specially curated exercises for maximum impact.

Active Movement Fun: Dance, groove and let loose for a body party.

Inclusivity at its Core: Mindful language and practices for everyone.

Flexibility and Freedom: Online subscription with easy cancellation anytime.

Benefits of Program:

Get ready for a wellness fiesta! With our online Movement Program, you’re in for a treat:

Happy Vibes: Boost your mood and energy

Flexi-Fun: Move at your own pace, your way

Inclusivity Rocks: All ages, all abilities, everyone’s invited

Feel Good Grooves: Dance, stretch and shine!

Anytime, Anywhere: Access the joy online, on your terms

Suitable for:

Come one, come all! All ages, all smiles, all abilities - everyone is invited to join the fun!

Age suitable:

All ages


Everyone is Welcome!

Please Note:

Hey there, wellness warrior! Before you dive into our Online Movement Program, here's a friendly heads-up:

  • Universal Vibes: This program is crafted for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or experience. So, get ready to feel the groove, no matter where you're at in your wellness journey!
  • Modify as You Go: Your body, your rules. Feel free to tailor movements to your comfort. It's all about enjoying the ride and making it work for you.
  • Safety First: If you have any health concerns or existing conditions, it's always a good idea to chat with your healthcare provider before starting a new exercise routine.
  • Hydrate and Recharge: Keep that water bottle handy, and let's keep those energy levels soaring. Hydration is key to feeling fantastic!

Now, let’s hit play and embark on this wellness adventure together. Here’s to moving, grooving and feeling amazing!

Purchase Price ($19.95) includes one month's access to Online Movement Program content only.

Talk to us at about our ongoing monthly subscription or available annual subscription ($199) options available. 

You can be KIND,
You can be STRONG,
You can be BRAVE,
You can be HAPPY!


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