• NEW BOOK - Reflection in the Mirror - You are enough!

    From rock bottom to publishing a book, Kristen MacDonald from One Off Card Designs continues to demonstrate to herself and others how important it is to keep believing in yourself. Our Higher Swin...See Detail
  • Hayley Turner: Mentor for teens & young adults

    When you notice your teen is wanting some direction, experiencing low moods and fatigue, or maybe feeling overwhelmed with demands of school or other commitments, it may be worth considering a well...See Detail
  • Embrace the Uniqueness of Your Child

    Nurturing Individuality Parenting is a beautiful journey filled with challenges, joys, and growth for both parents and children. One of the essential aspects of parenting is allowing and encouragi...See Detail
  • Sharing a love for mindfulness & movement

    Kids That Grow If you ever grew up in a small town, you would likely have known every kid in the street and sport was the heart and soul of your community. Whether we like it or not, things have c...See Detail
  • Wild Rosa - Connection & Belonging

    Wild Rosa understands the psychosocial benefits of outdoor experiences. After an annual camping adventure between three mates proved to strengthen their own friendship connection, an overwhelming p...See Detail
  • It's Sunny Somewhere

    As the driving force behind It’s Sunny Somewhere, Director Ryan Meader is a passionate advocate for the positive impact nature has on mental wellbeing. With a vision to create a transformative expe...See Detail
  • Self-Acceptance

    The way you see yourself is distorted. This is a basic survival response as your perception of self-worth is bias and can end up being skewed. Sadly, in this day of age we are trained to care abou...See Detail
  • Empowering Boys and Redefining Masculinity: The MAN UP Initiative

    Higher Swing is eager to shine a spotlight on the Man Up Initiative Inc, as we share a common set of values aimed at uplifting and supporting the well-being of future generations. Our alignment in ...See Detail
  • Kidma’s Etiquette Programs

    Led by the visionary Nisy Younes, Kidma, a local business in Perth, is dedicated to instilling timeless values and polished confidence in our modern-day children. Before becoming the driving force...See Detail
  • Raising Connected Kids

    Karen Parrott, Managing Director of Connected Education, has seen many children in her Raising Connected Kids programs learn to understand and manage their emotions, to feel calmer and happier, and...See Detail

    The following video might be sensitive to some as it contains stories about body appearance. The new digital age has impacted day-to-day living for everyone especially with children. Social media ...See Detail
  • You are enough

    These three words are so powerful, yet we do not hear them enough. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the pressures surroundings us from the fear of failure, living a perfect life, academi...See Detail
  • How magnesium can help your mental health

    If you have ever had the opportunity to visit Bali, Indonesia you will notice how happy and appreciative the locals are. Part of this reason is their diet which includes foods high in magnesium. Co...See Detail

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