About Us

Higher Swing is the first Australian booking platform empowering kids mental health and wellbeing

Higher Swing gives every Australian family the ability to nurture their own child’s mental health and wellbeing by providing them with access to a range of programs.

Working in partnership with local business owners, Higher Swing offers a range of wellbeing programs and workshops for children aged 5 to 18 years.

We know that childhood can be difficult to navigate at times, and even though as a parent you’re trying your best, sometimes you don’t have all of the answers.

Higher Swing is a safe community where families can come together and be themselves, connecting with each other through shared experiences.

Why Higher Swing?

There has never been a more challenging time for young people in our society to navigate issues relating to mental health. 

Recent statistics show 1 in 4 young people experience mental health challenges in Australia. Sadly, 8.6 lives are lost to suicide EVERY DAY. Without the right support, poor youth mental health almost always leads to poor adult mental health.

Having good mental health is key to the healthy development and emotional wellbeing of every child. 

Our mission is to improve the lives of future generations, by prioritising mental health and encouraging children to find better ways to feel good about themselves, adapt to change, build healthy relationships with others, and enjoy life.

Higher Swing can also be used as a useful referral option for school teachers, counsellors, psychologists, or allied health professionals wanting to provide families with preventative and proactive support in non-clinical environments.

meet the Founder - emma battelley

In 2020, I was faced with the very difficult challenge of supporting my children through a divorce. I was completely unprepared for how this major change in our lives would impact each of my three children.

Noticing their behaviour change both at home and at school I was referred to a GP by their school. We waited months to see a professional - only to have my children refuse to attend the sessions. I was doing my best to support them, but felt helpless.

I wanted more options to help them through this difficult time, but had no idea where to turn. The thought of sitting in a counselling session filled them with anxiety. It was clear however, that they valued a perspective other than mine. That is when I discovered Lemonade Kids, a fun and supportive health and wellbeing program designed for kids.  I was then blown away to learn there were more amazing programs available, being led by enthusiastic and inspriational educators passionate about children's health and wellbeing.

Why were these types of programs not suggested to me as a parent?

I decided that more parents should know these are a valuable option to support their whole family unit through life's challenges.  

At Higher Swing, we connect families with proactive and preventative programs hosted by our Community Partners. Whether you want to prepare your children for upcoming challenges or are already supporting a child through difficulty, we have created a safe space for parents to feel empowered.

Let our Community Partners give your family the tools you need to create a home that is not only psychologically safe, but also healthy, happy, and thriving! 

Who is important to us


Children are the most important people in our world. We want nothing more than to enhance their sense of wellbeing and increase both confidence and resilience in the lives of the young people in our community.

Our programs aim to create community and connection, while encouraging children to feel comfortable while learning new skills, meeting new people, and engaging face-to-face interactions away from screens.

We encourage experience over things!

Parents & Caregivers

Let us eliminate the feeling of helplessness when you think you have tried everything. We know you want the best for your child, especially when they are struggling.

We aim to give you the simplest way to find a program to suit your child’s interests, helping to support their individual needs.

We are a child safe organisation and have implemented a WWCC verfication process for all program providers. 

Local Businesses

It is stressful trying to maximise participaton in your programs Especially when you know you have something to offer that will have a positive impact on a child's life.

We want to reduce the stress of marketing by professionally promoting your programs in a targeted way, directly to your key audience.

If you are a registered NDIS provider, we will help you continue to deliver your NDIS services. 

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