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About Us

Our names are Hope and Sara and we are sisters. We are motivated to offer you creative options to be active with your own tribes. We want to share our ideas and our energy with the world on our Kids That Grow platform. Let Us Inspire You! We love meditating, practicing yoga and finding pockets in our day to move with whatever we have at arm's length to support us. We are Mums to seven healthy children, which has led us to always be on the lookout for new and fun ways to incorporate physical activity in a variety of ways. We know that physical activity is incredible for our children\u2019s (and our own) health, plus the benefits of improving attention and memory, brain health, building strong muscles, cardiovascular health, mood, energy levels and even better sleep are added bonus\u2019. And to be honest, if kids are going to be on a screen, then they may as well be exercising! Sara is a qualified Nurse and Hope is a qualified Yoga teacher. Together we are passionate about what effect movement has on our own body, mind and spirit and we want to share that passion and that \u2018feeling\u2019 with you and the little people in your lives through our Kids That Grow website. Kids That Grow is for everyone to be able to discover and enjoy the benefits of moving their bodies (even if you think exercise is not your thing) and to maintain overall physical and mental health.

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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Kids That Grow (KTG) - where positivity meets every step! Before you dive into the good vibes, here's a quick rundown of the ground rules: 1. Ordering and Payment: By placing an order with KTG, you agree to pay the specified amount for the selected items. Payments can be made through the provided channels on our website or as mutually agreed. 2. Preorders for our Custom Socks: Preorders require a minimum of 50 pairs of socks. Custom design requests for preorders must be submitted in advance. 3. Design Collaboration: Clubs, Schools and Organisations participating in our collaboration will work with KTG to create a unique and symbolic design for our Sport Posisocks. The final design is subject to approval by both parties. 4. Fulfillment Time: Each order takes approximately 4 weeks to be fulfilled. KTG will make all reasonable efforts to meet the agreed-upon delivery timeline. 5. Cancellations and Refunds: Once an order is confirmed, cancellations are not permitted. Refunds are only issued in cases of manufacturing defects or errors on our part. 6. Privacy and Data: KTG values your privacy. Personal information provided during the ordering process will be treated confidentially and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 7. Intellectual Property: The designs and logos created in collaboration with your club remain the intellectual property of KTG. 8. Communication: Stay in the loop! Keep an eye on your provided contact email and respond promptly to any inquiries or design approvals. 9. Changes to Terms: KTG reserves the right to update these terms and conditions. Any changes will be communicated to relevant parties. 10. Contact Us: Have questions or need clarification? Reach out to us at By engaging with KTG, you're not just getting awesome socks, journals and online movement plans, you're joining a movement of positivity. Cheers to stepping into good vibes with Kids That Grow. Best vibes, Hope & Sara @ Kids That Grow

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