Fast Track 1:1 Mindful Parenting Membership - Online

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Fast Track 1:1 Mindful Parenting Membership - Online

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Create an environment for your family that supports a calmer lifestyle - show love, kindness and empathy to your children, while building a strong connection now and into the future

What's Included

Weekly virtual sessions | At home practice | Raising Good Humans Book | Workbook | Journal | Mindful Parents Mindful Kids Membership (6 months access)

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Mindful Parenting Membership

This membership is perfect for you, if you:

  • Struggle with your parenting and feel like all you do is yell at your children
  • Are constantly in a state of stress or guilt (or both)
  • Are tired of the constant battle with your children
  • Have read all the parenting books, listened to all the podcasts, but when you are in the moment, everything flies out of your head and you go back to your yelling lifestyle
  • Are ready to try something new to make positive changes in your life
  • Want your children to grow up as calm, confident, empathetic, kind and compassionate children
  • Understand that there is no quick fix, and that you need to do the work to make long lasting change in your life.

​This membership is not for you, if you:

  • Are happy with the status quo
  • Don’t feel any need to change your parenting style
  • Do want to change your parenting style, but you want a quick fix (and immediate obedience from your kids)
  • Do not want to commit the time required to learn and practice the skills and tools taught in this program.

Create an environment for your family that supports a calmer lifestyle!

Weekly virtual sessions

  • Eight sessions running for 90 minutes each. You have up to 6 months to complete all 8 sessions
  • Personal 1:1 sessions with me, Nina, certified Mindful Parenting Coach
  • Live mindfulness practices, including meditation and mindful movement
  • Opportunities for discussions with Nina to talk through any particular parenting challenges that you are experiencing
  • Different topic focus for each session through interactive and engaging virtual sessions

Session 1: An introduction to mindfulness
Session 2: Awareness
Session 3: Compassion
Session 4: Taking care of difficult feelings
Session 5: The art of mindful listening
Session 6: Loving and effective speech
Session 7: Resolving conflicts mindfully
Session 8: Supporting your peaceful home.

At home practice
You are also encouraged to practice mindfulness six days per week. This could be as little as three minutes a day or even up to 15-20 towards the end of the program once you are feeling more confident and grounded.

Raising Good Humans, written by Hunter Clarke-Fields
Written by Hunter Clarke-Fields, the creator of this Mindful Parenting Course, this book runs parallel to the weekly sessions and compliments the weekly topics.

Weekly activities, questions and scenarios to really cement the learning for the virtual sessions and Raising Good Humans.

To reflect on you mindful parenting journal day-by-day or week-by-week.

Mindful Parents Mindful Kids Membership
You will receive 6 months free access to the Mindful Parents Mindful Kids 
Membership. This membership includes:
- Monthly Group Mindful Parenting Lessons:
- Monthly live meditations.
- Monthly group Q&A sessions.
- Monthly mindfulness lessons for your kids.
- Private Facebook Group Community of likeminded parents

Make the commitment TODAY and take advantage of all the benefits

•   Understand why mindfulness plays such an integral role in being a calmer parent
•   Be able to pause before reacting to situation – so that you can respond calmly and without yelling
•   Find your long lost self-compassion (no more guilt!)
•   Show love, kindness and empathy to your children, while building a strong connection now and into the future
•   Accept that all emotions are valid, and be able to acknowledge and work through difficult emotions as they arise, so that you can role model this to your children
•   Learn ways to encourage your children to both speak and listen to you so that you can live in harmony with each other
•   Solve problems in a peaceful way that places all family members on an equal footing

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